Lake Arrowhead, CA June 21-23rd 2019

Where powerful successful women who feel stuck, frustrated or at a plateau  gather to break through to the next level

Come discover that missing piece!

The Too Much Woman 2 day 

Breakthrough Retreat

Imagine waking up and stepping outside to see the gorgeous mountains, blue sky and lake.

As you sip your morning beverage, you reflect on how good it feels to be...

Supported by a woman of deep integrity and presence.  

Surrounded by like minded women.

Who value growth and authentic connection. 

A space of no judgment. A place to leave behind the masks.

A space to breathe once again.

Community doesn’t happen on accident, community happens on purpose.

The best kind of friends are chosen.

Welcome to the 2-Day Woman's Retreat.

In a bright, spacious home in Lake Arrowhead, surrounded by fresh air, under the blue sky and stars, come home to yourself.   Discover what has held you back from your best life so far.  

Discover a tribe of heart-centered, powerful women committed to self-growth and expansion. Prepare to be cracked open as we dive deep into connection, transparency, and truth.

Arrive Friday evening. Dinner together. Groundwork. Rest.


Together we go on a deep dive.  Exploring what we allow to hold us back, where we are not showing up fully, and where we take on too much responsibility. Together we explore the patterns that have run our live and begin to unwind them.   
Lunch around 2 pm
Continue the deep dive until 6 pm.
All Times approximate. I work with the energy of the group.

Together we close the circle, reveling in the insights and breakthroughs. We create an action plan for implementation and integration.
Together we say Au Revoir



Breakfast ~ 9 am.  Morning Meditation/Journaling 10 am. 


An Emergency Medicine Physician of 24 years, Dr. Gigi has made it her life mission to liberate high powered women from perfectionism, to reclaim their power and create their best lives.   As a Transformational Coach, she brings deep presence, and creates the space for true healing and profound shifts for her clients. 

Dr. Gigi Abdel-Samed


In addition to being a phenomenal Chef, Marie is an exceptional human being. By exceptional, I mean, a human being who actually LIVES what other people just talk about and on top of that, she has a God-given talent for mouthwatering, finger-smackin' food that is just too good to resist.


Chef Marie

2 days and 2 nights in a luxury home in Lake Arrowhead with meals by a private chef

"Hidden" fees and additional expenses

Transformation and Tools that will shift your life.

2 days of notes only to go home the same

Morning Meditation Times

Stress, pressure

A high-vibe group of like-hearted, powerhouse women

Superficial surface conversations

An intentional, organic container to connect more deeply to yourself and others

Feeling alone even though you're surrounded by other people


Beautiful Accommodations

Delicious Meals

Connect with Nature

Healthy food catered to suit any dietary needs or preferences. Created for us by a private chef

Stay in a gorgeous home situated in Lake Arrowhead.

Go out for a walk in nature or sit on the patio at night to see the stars.


To Attend, contact:

Dr. Gigi Abdel-Samed at 


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Schedule a call with Gigi to discuss all the details and explore if it is a fit!

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